The world of TAMA and FRIENDS was first inspired from an actual missing cat poster with the phrase “Have You Seen My TAMA?” in 1983, and will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2018.
In 1983, this sensational character was created by Sony Creative Products Inc. It soon became a hit character in Japan through many merchandising goods, and then through animation. Nowadays, TAMA is a widely popular character among all ages and gender in Japan.


Story follows the daily lives of a cat named TAMA and his cat and dog friends. As their curiosity gets the best of them, they learn enduring values of friendship and teamwork. From their daily discoveries, TAMA, POCHI, TORA and MOMO etc. share the fun-filled adventures that impart important social values.


  • TAMA

    The main character in the story.

    3rd District's resident, TAKESHI's cat. TAMA was taken in from TAKESHI's grandma.


    TAMA's best friend.

    The tofu shop's dog. He is very calm and kind.

  • MOMO

    3rd District's café, Tulip's cat.

    Everyone's idol. The bell on her neck was given by her mom.

  • TORA

    The carpenter's cat.

    He is cheerful and takes everything easy.

  • BEH

    The newspaper delivery's cat.

    Loves to get in the baskets of the delivery bicycle. He is always looking for secret passages.

  • KOMA

    3rd District's public bath, Matsu-no-yu's cat.

    She is the youngest in the group. Everyone treats her like a little sister.

  • NORA

    The only stray cat in the group.

    He has been through a lot. A hard-boiled cat.

  • KURO

    The supermarket's dog.

    He runs as fast as anyone in the group. Sometimes hasty.

  • GON

    The furniture shop's dog.

    Reliable and calm, sometimes funny.

  • BULL

    The rich woman's dog.

    Even though he is a bluster, he wants to become friends with everyone.